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Special Olympics /// Special

Integrated Campaign

“Special” is an outdated way to describe people with intellectual disabilities, yet, it is the perfect way to describe Special Olympics.


So we teamed up with Special Olympics to help reclaim the word.

Made at Barrett Hofherr with:

Executive CDs | Jamie Barrett & Todd Eisner

Copywriter |  Liam Berg

Art Directors | Myself & Daisy Serafini

Director | Matt Palmer

Mosaic Award

SF Addys 2023

Best Public Good

Indie Awards 2023


SF Addys 2023

While recording our main spot we recorded some wild lines where we asked the athletes "what special meant to them." 

Then we wondered why we spent so much time writing a script. The following video is their answers to the question. 

Then we extended the hell out of this thing.

We created The Special Report, an interview series where Special Olympics athletes sit down and conduct interviews with their sports icons.

The series now has 20+ interviews with some of the biggest names in sports and has truly taken on a life of its own. 

Not to mention, Ryan ( a now frequent host of the show) said that he's found what he wants to do for the rest of his life. 

We made some sweet OOH ads.

And of course we made some more videos for social.

For the stills you saw in the spot, we gave out approximately 30 disposable cameras to Special Olympics athletes at the June games.

This is a small sample of the hundreds of photos they took. 

Every part of the campaign leads to the URL where interested folks (possibly you) can volunteer or donate, and aspiring athletes can join the family that is the Special Olympics.

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